Murder Mouth

        Producer: Daniel Joyce

        Presenter/Director: Madeleine Parry

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You can’t eat a steak without killing a cow.’

Madeleine loves her Greek family’s traditional lamb souvlaki but her friends claim that meat is murder. Well, Madeleine’s never killed anything bigger than a spider, so she decides to reconnect the animal and the meal or never eat meat again. After talking to the people who slaughter animals for their livelihood she is encouraged to do it herself, but even if she can kill an animal, will she still want to eat it afterwards?

This film was financed through the Media Resource Centre’s RAW Nerve Initiative.

Festivals and Awards:-

2011 Inside Film Awards

***Nominated - Best Short Documentary

Edindocs – Official Selection

22nd July 2011 - Scotland

Dungog Film Festival 2011 – Official Selection

28th May 2011 - Sydney

St Kilda Film Festival 2011 – Official Selection

27th May 2011 - St Kilda, Melbourne

***Nominated - Best Documentary

AIDC Meet Market 2011 – Official Selection

28t May 2011 - Sydney

2011 South Australian Shorts Awards

6-13 May 2011 – Adelaide, Australia

***Winner - Audience Choice Award

***Nominated - Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Film

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