Jackie’s Spring Palace - completed

        Producers: David Ngo & Sharyn Pancione

        Writer/Director: Matthew Phipps

        Starring: Nick Martin & Poh Ling Yeow

                                                                                                  JSP (dur: 7min)

Inside Shaun’s head a movie is playing with no beginning, no end and not much of a plot line in between… But it does contain pirates, elves, gluttony, nose picking, romance, B-movie monsters, ballet, diarrhea, male nudity, medieval flashbacks, blasphemy and all you can eat spring rolls!!!

Tropfest Film Festival – Finalist (Top 16)

22 Feb 2009 - The Domain, Sydney

Dungog Film Festival

28-31 May 2009 - James Theatre, Sydney

Perth Revelation Film Festival

2-12 July 2009 - Perth, Western Australia

DC Shorts Film Festival

10-17 September 2009 – Washington DC, USA

Shorts Film Festival

5-12 December 2009 – Adelaide, Australia

South Australian Shorts Awards

7-19 February 2010 – Adelaide, Australia

Winner- Best Comedy & Best Production Design

LA Comedy Film Festival

16-20 April 2010 - Los Angeles, USA

TV Screenings - Channel 9 & Foxtel

Paper Planes - completed

        Producer/Writer: David Ngo

        Writer/Director: Storm Ashwood

                                                               Paper Planes Unofficial Trailer (dur: 2min)

Paper Planes is a short film set in 2007 during the Darfur conflict in West Sudan. The story centres around a young boy named Alier who is forced to flee the city with his family when it is put under attack by air strikes and militia infantry. During their escape his father dies from a gun shot and he is left with his mother and sister to trek toward the Chad border with thousands of other refugees. He befriends a UN soldier and is subsequently kidnapped by African militia fighting with Arab rebels. A boy confused for a father figure, he soon finds himself trapped between African militia, UN and African Union peacekeepers and a country being torn to shreds.

Paper Planes has been funded by the South Australian Film Corporation through the Short Film Fund and is currently in post production at The Cutting Room.

Collision - in postproduction

        Writer/Producer: David Ngo

        Writer/Director: Nick Matthews

        Starring: Kathryn Beck and Scott Marcus

Facing mortality in the disorienting spin of a car crash, Michael reflects on the final moments of his life and his disintegrating relationship.

Development:- The film is fully financed and in post-production.

                                          Collision Teaser (dur: 30sec)                                           

Murder Mouth

        Producer: Daniel Joyce

        Presenter/Director: Madeleine Parry

Will killing the meat she eats change the way Madeleine feels about her food, and herself?

Madeleine loves her Greek family’s traditional lamb souvlaki but her friends claim that meat is murder. Well, Madeleine’s never killed anything bigger than a spider, so she decides to reconnect the animal and the meal or never eat meat again. After talking to the people who slaughter animals for their livelihood she is encouraged to do it herself, but even if she can kill an animal, will she still want to eat it afterwards?

This film was financed through the Media Resource Centre’s RAW Nerve Initiative.

Justice Is Served

        Producers: Craig Behenna and David Ngo

        Director: Nick Matthews

Justice is a very special six year old with a passion for scams. With his seventh birthday fast approaching he comes up with an audacious plan: to get the penthouse suite in a flash hotel so he and his best mate Alice can have the night of their lives.

Shorts Film Festival

22 Mar 2011 - Adelaide

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